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Sports Bar and Restaurant in Clifton, NJ

Welcome to Public House 46


Take in NJ’s newest social scene as you sit, sip, and savor.

Join us for lunch, dinner, after-work cocktails, or late-night bites and drinks.

Public House 46 is NJ’s #1 Dallas Cowboys Bar in Clifton, NJ, right on Route 46 East.

Public House 46 has changed things up in NJ’s vibrant restaurant and bar scene since 2016. It’s beyond beers on tap - it’s American comfort plates. It’s 36 HD TVs in every line of vision, a place where you can catch the game on the big screen, where you can eat delicious food, have some drinks, and play pool or darts any night of the week. It’s the perfect spot to socialize and just hang out.


An irresistible menu of classic, cooked-to-order dishes for all taste buds.

Indulge in our signature pile-high fries, handcrafted burgers, and crispy nachos with melted cheddar, jalapeño, and hot chilis.

Breakfast Burger ASH47483BBQ & Buffalo Wings ASH47273